168 Mhz
processor speed


Large memory


Vandal resistant
numeric keypad


Improved hinge and connections


Excellent compatibility with all payment systems


energy-saving smart cooling system


Key Features
  • The fastest in its class thanks to its quad-core processor
  • It supports the latest released version (4.3) of the MDB protocol. Thus, it works in harmony with all modern payment systems.
  • Compatible with executive payment devices thanks to the Magma ExecuMDB device
  • Largest display in its class with a 4 line x 20 character LCD display driver
  • Backlit 4x4 (16 buttons), stainless metal and ultra durable keypad
Dimensions and Main Details

Height / Width / Depth: 1848 mm / 1136 mm / 865 mm
Weight: 385 kg
Power: 27 / 750W
Hertz / Volt (AC): 50 Hz / 220 V
Shelves: 6+1
Column: 11
Product Capacity: 670 (average)

Main Controller and Software

• 168 Mhz Processor
• Ability to work on all modern payment systems (card payment, coins and paper money) with MDB Level 3 compatibility (up to 4 devices)
• EVA-DTS Support*
• Payment system that can be used without the need for (Cashless Device) integration
• The same motherboard can be used in all Magma series vending machines for ease of spare parts management and stock keeping.
• Fire, smoke, motion and vandalism (impact) sensors*
• Providing detailed information to the user with the RGB Led Driver, which provides 65 different color interior lighting options.
• Largest display in its class with a 4 line x 20 character LCD display
• Backlit 4x4 (16 buttons), stainless metal and ultra durable keypad
• 200 sales memories
• Sales reports by hour, day and month
• Payment method based turnover reports
• Periodic turnover tracking with temporary turnover (resettable)
• Reports of money saved in payment systems
• Instant detection of possible motor or tray problems with smart tray and spiral motor control
• Error tracking with Magma Diagnostic Device*
• RS485 Support*

  • Microcontroller supported product sensor that checks whether the product can be delivered or not.
  • Frequency modulation system not affected by ambient light
  • Intelligent sensor system that detects the fault and disables the sensors and continues to work and prevents loss of turnover.
  • High-sensitivity sensors that can detect product drop up to 1 cm² cross-section and 30 km/h
Motor Controller Module
  • Spiral control system that allows the product to fall with an additional 90-degree rotation when it is detected that the product does not fall at the end of the 360-degree rotation.
  • It has a driver that can control up to 88 spiral motors thanks to its motherboard that can be used in common with all Magma S series vending machines.
Cooler Control Group
  • Intelligent anti-icing system (Smart Defrost) with dual digital temperature sensors
  • Cooling system that can reduce the cabin temperature up to 1 ° C and keep it at that temperature
  • Software and hardware system that extends the life of all products in the cooling group up to 10 times with its soft starter system.
  • A controller that detects the door position (open/closed) and shuts down the cooler and fans and prevents the cabin temperature from falling rapidly during service/filling.
  • "R290" gas powered refrigerant system in compliance with EU regulations on global warming potential (GWP) and energy consumption.

* Optional



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